Featured Work

ShinyEye were commissioned to develop, design and animate this viral and cinema campaign for Britvics V Water range of drinks. Since launch It's been a huge success receiving a vast number of hits online as well as being viewed by cinema goers across the country.

This job posed a unique set of challenges, not least in creating a time-lapse animation that had both narrative and fluidity of movement.
To achieve this, we put some interesting techniques together to make the character animation really appear like it was being drawn by the hand in shot.
Firstly we produced the character animation, utilising the flexibility of timeline based, clip driven vector animation. Then we worked backwards, animating the hands on a rostrum camera, and changing the lighting slightly each shot to give the whole thing more of a lo-fi (shot in your bedroom) feel.
Finally we masked the drawn animation to place it beneath the hands to make the artist really interact with our doodled little protagonist.

What helpful hands!... 'There must be something in the water.'

And here's the finished article -

V Water viral and cinema campaign
Directed and Animated by ShinyEye